Thanksgiving Prayer

Father in Heaven, Creator of all and
source of all goodness and love,
please look kindly upon us
and receive our heartfelt gratitude
in this time of giving thanks.
Thank you for all the graces and blessings
You have betowed upon us,
spiritual and temporal:
our faith and religious heritage.
Our food and shelter, our health,
the loves we have for one another,
our family and friends.
Dear Father, in Your infinite generosity,
please grant us continued graces and blessing
throughout the coming year.
This we ask in the Name of Jesus,
Your Son and our Brother.

Sponsor a Family Program

Bayside Community Center and the All Hallows Christmas Sponsor-a-Family Program

All of our families have been sponsored. Thanks to you, All Hallows! Bayside also urgently needs gift certificates or monetary donations for clients not in the “Sponsor-a-Family” program.

Senior gift bags are also most welcome.

These are not homeless seniors—they are seniors in need. They are clients of Bayside Community Center founded by the Sisters of Social Services.

Tricia McColl and Carey McColl-Ross are the coordinators for the parish.

For more information contact:

Tricia McColl

Carey McColl-Ross

Senior Drop Off: Parish Office
anytime before 12/12/17

Family Drop Off: in Upper Parking Structure
Thursday, Dec. 14th ~ 4pm ~ 5:30 pm
Friday, Dec. 15th ~ 7:00 am ~ 10:00 am

2017 Collection For National Needs

This year we have the opportunity to live the gospel
through the annual National Needs collection. The
collection is this weekend and you will find envelopes in
the back of the church. You can return your gift anytime
this year.

The diocese will divide your contribution, as you indicate,
among the following causes:

  • Catholic Communications Campaign
  • Catholic Home Missions
  • Catholic University of America
  • Campaign for Human Development
  • Black and Indian Missions

Firstly, we give because it is an extension of our
stewardship from All Hallows parish to the rest of the
Church. Also, just as we give to renew and grow the
ministries of our parish, we cannot fail to reflect on the
blessedness of the Church that surrounds us.

As a Catholic Community we are blessed with a 58-year
history and tradition of prayer, education and service. Our
Catholic heritage is so much more and we need to give
thanks for that blessing.

We are called to be faithful to the vision and message of
the gospel to continue Christ’s work on earth. Our
financial stewardship to those in need continues in good
times and bad. It is a commitment to serve that we
witness through the financial support we give next week
and beyond. A sign to the Lord that we are present and a
witness to His word in the gospel we embrace.

Christmas Cards for Inmates to Send to Loved Ones

The Office of Social Ministry is requesting donations of boxes of unsigned Christmas cards for inmates to send to loved ones. Spanish language cards are especially
needed, but all are accepted. When purchasing boxes of cards, consider ordering cards ONLINE and request that they be shipped directly to Diocese Pastoral Center.
Our office will distribute them to the detention facilities that request them.

 The cards must arrive by December 1, 2017 for us to meet the detention facilities’ deadline.

 Please no cards containing pieced that can be removed.

 Please no cards requesting/requiring donations to an organization

Cards my be shipped or delivered to:

Office for Social Ministry, Diocese of San Diego
3888 Paducah Dr., San Diego, CA 92117
Any questions call 858-490-8323 or email:

THANK YOU from Birthline Pregnancy Centers

On behalf of the volunteers and clients of Birthline
Pregnancy Support Centers of San Diego, we would like to
thank Fr. Jerry, the Outreach/Social Justice Committee and
the Parishioners of All Hallows for all of their donations of
money, diapers, clothing and other baby supplies during the
month of October.

At the 3 masses on 9/30 & 10/1 you gave $2205 in
cash and checks. From the envelopes you mailed in to us,
we received $2696 as of 10/26 for a total of $4901. From
the month long Baby Shower you donated 356 diapers and
1522 wipes along with 35 outfits of clothing along with
shoes, blankets and toiletries.

The 8th Grade Class at the Academy also donated
many bags of diapers and wipes to the Baby Shower. For a
local prolife center, this is amazing and we just can’t thank
you enough. Both of our offices are staffed totally by
volunteers, so we depend on the charity of our community
to keep our mission of offering an alternative to our moms
in crisis pregnancies.

We take donations all year long at either of our offices
in Clairemont (858-270-2497) or Chula Vista (619-425-
5012. You can continue to mail in your donation envelopes
at any time. God bless you all and thanks again.

Camille Dose and Carol Park