Homily 18th Sunday “C”


18th Sunday, Ordinary Time

Cycle “C” – 2019


A man walked into a bar and saw an old friend nursing a drink and looking despondent! “You look terrible,” he said.


“Well, I am,” replied the friend. “My mother died in April – and left me $50,000.  Then in June, my father died.  And he left me $100,000.


“Gee that’s tough, losing both parents in just two months.”


“AND, to top it off, my favorite aunt died last month, and left me $1,000,000!”


“How sad!”


“Tell me about it,” the friend continued. So far this month, NOTHING!”



     Where your treasure is, there your heart will be.”  And a lot of folks put their hearts in really stupid places!


Like that poor fellow in today’s Gospel story who was successful and rich, but who Jesus called a FOOL! — Because this rich farmer’s favorite words were “mine” and “more”! — He put his faith and all his hopes into piling up more and more for himself! — It never occurred to him that it was all just on loan and would slip away before he knew it! — This rich man never realized that the best part of having something – is being able to share it and enjoy it with others.


When, at last, the rich man came face to face with God, his hands were EMPTY!  All the STUFF he’d invested his life in “hoarding” had been left behind, as it always is. — LEFT with NOTHING; empty-handed and naked he now stood before God.  And his emptiness was his judge!  God didn’t have to speak a word! —- TOO LATE, this sad, selfish man discovered that the real meaning of HELL is: sitting all alone and looking back on a wasted life that has left you with empty hands and an empty heart – for all eternity!


The question which today’s Gospel poses for each of us to answer is: “Will WE, one day, have to face God with EMPTY HANDS?” —  (And THAT may be one of the MOST IMPORTANT QUESTIONS we will EVER have to ask ourselves.)


Imagine that you’ve just discovered that you’ve only got a few more hours to live.  It’s too late to do anything except say “good-bye.”  You needn’t bother packing, because the ONLY BAGGAGE you can TAKE is whatever you’ve “become” on the “inside”!


Will our MEMORIES of the time we’ve spent here on earth make us say, “Gee, I’m glad I lived! — I can’t wait to show God all the good things I’ve done with the life he gave me?”


Today’s Gospel makes it quite clear that we can FORGET ABOUT all the memories of our BARNS FULL OF “STUFF” – (our MEMORIES of having built the “biggest” THIS, or having bought the “best” THAT, or having become the “most powerful” WHATEVER!} — Because ONLY ONE KIND OF MEMORIES will bring us comfort at the end of our lives: MEMORIES of having made life a little better and fuller, a little more fair, a little easier and more beautiful for some of God’s people!


Now to share a few thoughts about what you and I can do to make life a little better and fuller; a little more fair; a little easier and more beautiful for our men and women in uniform, is CAPTAIN, UNITED STATES NAVY, RETIRED – PAT PARK, our Parish Pastoral Council President, and a member of our PARISH OUTRE