Monday of the 10th Week in Ordinary Time

Inmates at a prison asked a Buddhist monk about life in the monastery. “We get up at four o’clock every morning,” the monk explained, “Sometimes it’s very cold because our rooms don’t have heaters. We eat only one meal a day, all mixed together in one bowl. In the afternoon and at night we eat nothing at all. There is no alcohol, television, radio, music or movies. We do not play sports. We talk little, work hard, and sleep on the floor. We spend much of our free time in prayer and meditation.”

Stunned by the list of daily sacrifices, one of the prisoners made a very bold invitation to the monk. Watch today’s video with Father Jerry and hear the full story.

“We find joy in the midst of our struggles,” says Father in today’s homily. “We make whatever our confinement into the dwelling place of God. We realize the freedom in doing what is right, and just, and affirming.”