Parish Announcement

Our parish has been very involved in the SYNOD process that is currently underway in our Diocese and in the Universal Church. We were blessed to host small group sessions where 40 of you participated in sharing your joys, sorrows, and hopes for the Catholic Church.

Your voices and feedback were heard and affirmed. Cardinal Designate McElroy is encouraging that each and every one of us participate in an online survey (even if you were a small group participant) that will further assist the Church in better ministering at all levels. Particularly, we are called to task to hear from those members who have distanced themselves from the Catholic Church or perhaps left the Catholic faith completely. Their voices matter to us.

There will be a QR Code in the September/October edition of The Window available on Labor Day Weekend so you can personally invite someone who may not otherwise know about the invitation to take the survey.​ There will also be a banner outside the church building and at other gatherings where you can conveniently access the QR code.​

​(A QR Code looks like a square-shaped barcode. If you point your phone’s camera at the graphic, you should see a link that you can click, and you will be taken to the anonymous survey which you can easily complete on your phone.​)

Please be intentional and invite family, friends, and neighbors to share their thoughts and voices. The survey will be open for 30 days beginning September 6.