The 3rd Sunday of Easter Joy

A man who felt sick for quite a long time finally went to the doctor. “You have rabies,” said the doctor, “And because you waited so long, there’s nothing I can do for you. You’ll be dead in a few days.” The man was stunned, so the doctor left the examination room to give him some time to compose himself. When the doctor returned, the patient was writing furiously. “Are you writing your will,” the doctor asked. But the patient was not writing his will. Instead, he was making a list that was far more urgent given the circumstances. And it may sound familiar to you.

In today’s gospel, Jesus is essentially saying, I’m ready to forgive and forget what happened. I’ll walk with you now, and I’ll be there with you at every step of your journey. Let go of your past hurts and grievances, just like I have. And walk with each other till your work is done; you’ll never make it without each other’s help.

With his June 30th retirement in mind, Father Jerry ends today’s video with a special request for your prayers.