Annual Catholic Appeal


As disciples of Jesus Christ, we are called to encounter God’s mercy, love and redemption in the life of the Church, and to build up the Body of Christ within the Church and in the world.

It is this call to grace and to stewardship which lies at the heart of our participation in the life of the Church – through our parishes, schools, catechetical programs, service programs for the poor, the unborn and the marginalized.   The diocese of San Diego supports all of these endeavors in the name of Jesus Christ, and in a special way provides for parishes many vital resources and programs which they could not obtain on their own.

The Diocesan Annual Appeal constitutes an essential foundation for enabling the diocese to carry out these critical ministries in the work of the Gospel in San Diego and Imperial counties. And for that reason, I ask you to participate generously in this year’s appeal, with the knowledge in doing so you participate profoundly in the work of Christ and the grace of Catholic discipleship.