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  • Wednesday of the 7th Week of Easter

    Consecrate them in the truth — Your word is truth. In today’s video, Father Jerry shares an unfortunate global situation that is not COVID-19. He said: A research team to …See More
  • Tuesday of the 7th Week of Easter

      When her oldest daughter started school, a young mother began writing little notes on the napkins that she put in her lunches. The little girl loved this connection with …See More
  • Happy Memorial Day

    “Today throughout the United States, we celebrate Memorial Day,” says Father Jerry in this morning’s new video, “The unofficial beginning of the summer, and the day on which we remember …See More
  • Feast of the Ascension

      The bride stands at the back of the church clutching her father’s arm as the wedding march begins. The entire wedding party is assembled at the altar. And her …See More