Bishop Dolan to Officiate Feast Day Mass at Father Joe’s Villages


10:00 am - 11:00 am

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Auxiliary Bishop John P. Dolan, The Roman Catholic Diocese of San Diego’s second-most senior Catholic leader, will officiate a special Mass in honor of Father Joe’s Villages’ St. Vincent de Paul Feast Day and 70-year anniversary on Wednesday, Sept. 30. The Mass will be celebrated at the Joan Kroc Center chapel while the choir voices of the Trinitarian Sisters of Mary fill the courtyard during this special celebration. The Mass will also be live streamed.

Father Joe’s Villages leaders invite everyone, regardless of faith, to care for their neighbor in need in honor of the legacy of the organization’s patron saint, St. Vincent de Paul. The feast day of St. Vincent de Paul brings the community together during a special Mass to give thanks for the blessings, to pray for people who need a place to call home, and to celebrate Father Joe’s Villages’ 70 years of service. The true spirit of St. Vincent de Paul, who dedicated himself to serving the poor, lives on through Father Joe’s Villages’ mission to prevent and end homelessness, one life at a time.

Father Joe’s Villages will stream the St. Vincent de Paul feast day Mass through YouTube. Those wishing to attend can reserve a spot by signing up online here. Registrants will receive an email with the link to watch the event live.