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Let’s gather together and help Project Mercy Baja on Saturday October 21… You can donate online using the button below, and by check delivered to All Hallows, with “Project Mercy” in the memo.

As in previous years, we are planning to build two houses for two families in the Colonias of Tijuana.  

  • If you can volunteer (no special skills needed), please contact Renate Pilz (; or 858-456-2143 for a message)
  • If you can help us raise funds for one house ($6000) and one latrine ($1000),  please consider making a donation. A parish family has already donated for a second house and latrine.
  • For more information about the selected families we will be building for, see below.
  • For general information about the non-profit organization Project Mercy please go to

Thank you for your support!


Family Grajeda Grajeda (M7 L88 Rinconcito)

Mother: Flora (46)Father: Eliazar (45)
Son: Otoniel (18)
Son: Aridez (15)
Son: Osmar Uriel (12)

Both Flora and Eliazar were born in Chihuahua. They have known each other since they were little, in fact they were in the same class in elementary school. They have been together for 23 years. They migrated to Sonora 9 years ago and finally to Tijuana 2 years ago in search of work. Eleazor sells wooden pallets and earns 2000 pesos per week (@$114).

In Flora’s own words: “Back in Chihuahua, there was no work and if you didn’t plant your beans or corn you didn’t eat. First, we decided to move to Sonora in search of work opportunities. When we arrived there my husband and I worked there, but the jobs were not steady, so we moved to Tijuana because we were told that there is more work there. My sons help me here in the house, in fact right now they are leveling the land that we occupy. They are very accommodating boys, right now only my son Osmar is studying.Our house is very small. In fact, on one side, I only have a small kitchen area and on the other side, my husband and youngest child sleep. My other children sleep in the kitchen. Our house is made of foam panels, so we struggle when it rains or there is a lot of wind because the walls move a lot and let water into the house. Recently, my husband had to return from work because it was raining and windy and the walls were falling down. Having a decent house would be a dream for us because we would be more comfortable, and we would have more space and not be so crowded. We would also be more protected from the rain and the wind. My family is very happy and grateful that you are considering us for a house, and we may have a place where we would be safer and more comfortable. Thank you very much.”

Grajeda Pérez Family (M7 L89 Rinconcito)

Mother: Edith Guadalupe (27)
Father: Dariel Eliazar (29)
Son: Alfredo Guadalupe (10)
Daughter: Heidi Guadalupe (9)
Twin Daughter: Dareisa Yamile (11 months)
Twin Daughter: Darixa Nataly (11 months)

Edith was born in Sonora and Dariel in Chihuahua. They met while working together and migrated to Tijuana 2 years ago because the salaries in central Mexico are very low. and they were unable to cover household expenses with what Dariel earned.

Dariel works as a drywaller and earns 2,400 pesos each per week (@$141) when he can find the work.

Daughter Heidi likes to sing, to go to church, and to help her mother with household chores. Alfredo likes to ride his bike and likes to go to church. Neither of the older children go to school at the moment because the family is waiting for their legal documents to arrive from their hometown.

The twins like to play now they’re just starting to crawl.

In Edith’s own words: “The living conditions here are very difficult. We have electricity but it is very weak and intermittent. The water is intermittent as well and the pressure is very low. We do not have access to a sewer system. A better home would be a dream come true for us. A place where we would be safer and have more room. Having a house with a concrete floor is important because right now my girls are starting to crawl, and they are doing it on the dirt floor. Thank you very much and may God continue to help you give much more to support people in need.”