SYNOD Survey Released

SYNOD Survey Released


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Catholics throughout the diocese, including you, are asked to participate in a very special way in the survey phase of the synodal process, at the invitation of Pope Francis and Cardinal Designate McElroy.

On September 6th, we sent to parishioners an email that links to the anonymous diocesan survey. You are also able to access the survey from our parish website at

You are able to take the survey from your phone, tablet, laptop or desktop computer, and you will not need to provide your name, phone number or email address.

The survey is in addition to the time you may have given during the small group phase of the synod just a couple of months ago. So if you participated in small groups, please also take the new survey.

The anonymous comments collected in small groups were aggregated with comments from every parish in our diocese, to create the in-depth and interesting report that you can read here.

Thank you. Any questions you might have, contact