Over the last several weeks, the diocesan team along with our synod consultants have collected and analyzed the data received. We are happy to report that we had an astounding response from our Catholic school students and parishes. This is crucial as we continue to identify key elements that encourage and hinder building Eucharistic communities in our diocese. In the synthesis report that is being prepared, we will share with you important highlights or themes along with other pertinent data such as the total number of sessions and participants. We greatly appreciate your collective efforts in participating in a process that will pave the way towards a synodal culture within the Diocese of San Diego. We are called to accompany one another on this journey; however, it is through reflective listening that hearts are moved and are drawn towards missionary action and that is precisely where we are headed. Remember to refer to the diocesan synod page HERE for the latest updates concerning our synod process. 

AUGUST 2023 UPDATE: Parishes to Host Synod Dialogues in October

The San Diego Diocese will invite everyone to participate in small-group dialogues at parishes and schools in October as part of the ongoing synod. The dialogues will follow the same format as the sessions held in the spring of 2022, and also be held in English, Spanish and Vietnamese. As envisioned by Cardinal Robert W. McElroy, the dialogue sessions will provide another opportunity for the faithful to encounter one another, this time focused on the Eucharist and how to build Eucharistic communities. Encountering and listening to one another are at the heart of the worldwide synod that Pope Francis launched in October of 2021. Over time, it’s hoped this way of “being Church” will help renew parishes, schools and the Church. itself. We will announce soon the dates of the dialogue sessions at this parish and how to register for them. General information is available at sdcatholic.org/synod

JUNE 2023 UPDATE: Please see recent Synod video updates from the Diocese of San Diego:

In the fall of 2022, more than 200 parishioners at All Hallows participated in the diocesan Synod process. Professionals with the diocese were tasked with synthesizing the data and have since created the following report that is specific to our parish.

The “mean” represents the average score from a scale of 1-4 that respondents answered on the survey. The higher the mean indicates agreement with each statement on average. Standard deviation is a measure of how dispersed the data is in relation to the mean. Low standard deviation indicates data are clustered around the mean, and high standard deviation indicates data are more spread out:

More than 27,000 Catholics from virtually all parishes in San Diego and Imperial counties participated in the survey the diocese conducted last fall (2022) as part of our ongoing synod. The diocese has released a report that summarizes the results of the survey. The findings provide important insights into the life of the Church, the challenges we face, and the issues that unite us and divide us.

View the Diocesan Synod Update

Using a synodal process that invites everyone to participate, parishes are to use the findings to develop and quickly implement ways to address the needs raised in the survey and in the earlier small-group sessions. Cardinal McElroy invites all community members to review the findings, published online in English, Spanish and Vietnamese at sdcatholic.org/synod.

Executive Summary PDF

Synod Survey Report 2023 PDF

Synod Findings February 2023

National Synod Report

Southern Cross Article February 2023 

Read the 2022 Synthesis Report