Francis Xavier (1506-1552) was born in Spain and educated in Paris.  St. Francis Xavier was a friend of St. Ignatius Loyola and one of the first members of the Society of Jesus. A tireless and enthusiastic missionary, he preached the Gospel in India, Malaysia, and Japan, observing in a letter to St. Ignatius, “Many, many people hereabouts are not becoming Christians for one reason only: there is nobody to make them Christians. Again and again, I have thought of going round the universities of Europe . . . crying out like a madman, riveting the attention of those with more learning than charity as I wish they would work as hard at this as they do at their books, and so settle their account with God for their learning and the talents entrusted to them.” Stewardship and evangelization are inextricably linked for St. Francis Xavier — and, indeed, for all Christians. Do I demonstrate good stewardship by using for the Church the talents entrusted to me?

From Steward Saints for Every Day, Sharon Hueckel