A Stewardship Christmas Message

At this time of the year, it is worth stopping to think about things that we have no control over that make our life so special.  The unconditional love of family, the warmth and support of friends, the generosity of strangers and the opportunity bequeathed by previous generations to live in a nation such as ours.

Whether you thank God or good fortune, you know that much of what you value most in life you have not earned.  It is a gift.  Once we understand the importance of the gifts we have received, only then are we able to see the importance of the gifts we give-to family and friends, and to the stranger who has been less generously blessed by birth and circumstances, and for whom Christmas comes too.

   “Stewardship is everything we do after we say we believe”.

Our faith comes alive when we respond.  Each of us can hear His call at any time because He is always with us.  That is what we believe.  The identity of being Catholic and belonging to a parish is not for a select few, but for everyone who reads this message and who has come to worship, in person or virtually, in this place this Christmas season.  And, how we will do more in His name in the year to come, well, it just may be the “gift” Christ wants from you this Christmas.