Advent Reflections

“Tis the Season…to Pray”

Our purpose in life is to make a difference, to be a disciple of Christ.  In order to do this we must first examine what we have to give and what our priorities are.  This means spending time in the Lord’s presence. Many times, prayer is forgotten as a priority.  Good stewards begin a life of service with prayer and reflection on the many blessings given them.  Only after prayer can they consider what to do about all the gifts in their lives. A stewardship prayer we must always keep in mind, “Lord, what should I do with what you have given me?”

In the parable of the faithful steward (Luke 12:42-48), the steward tends to the owner’s needs because he has listened well and knows the owner’s mind.  When the owner returns, he gives back to the owner with increase. When we pray, we ask God what he wants from us and when we know his mind, we can respond, giving back to him with increase.

Stewardship of prayer is not just another activity to add to a busy schedule.  Prayer is essential to a busy life.

One meaningful way to include prayer in our busy lives:

Take time each morning to read a brief passage from scripture.  Then copy that verse on one side of an index card. On the other side, write down the errands and projects you must work on during the day.  Carry the card with you and when you cross an errand off your list, take another look at the Scripture passage as a reminder that God is with you.  

-adapted from “The Body of Christ: How Can I Make a Difference” Office of Stewardship and Development, Archdiocese of Louisville, 1996.