Embracing Stewardship Means Living Our Trinitarian Faith

This weekend we celebrate The Most Holy Trinity. This reminds us that the doctrine of the Trinity is not some abstract theology. It is part of daily life as it recalls for us that three persons on one God, father, Jesus, son and Holy Spirit, exist in perfect communion, in perfect unity. It also speaks to the mystery of God as a family of love and all of us as stewards of this triune mystery.

Christian stewards are called by Christ and gifted by the Spirit to participate in God’s transforming work in the world. Christ walks with us on our individual journey, teaching us and sending us. Stewards are the hands of God and serve as co-redeemers with him.

Sometimes the Spirit moves us and our Church in directions that challenge and take us and our Church in directions that instill anxiety and fear. But the heart of the steward remains open to the movement of the Spirit.

The extent to which we are good stewards of our Trinitarian faith shows in the prayer and sacramental life we live, how we treat others at home and outside the home, how we make decisions, how giving we are with ourselves and our resources, and how we come to share our faith with others.

Living Trinitarian faith moves us to love our neighbors as we love ourselves, to do our part to restore communion and community to those around us, and to be confident that God, the Father, Son and Holy Spirit is present among us always.