Extending Easter Joy

When you came to Mass last weekend, the Easter crowd seemed like an extended family reunion of sorts. There were people you knew well, knew slightly, or did not know at all.

What was your hospitality like last weekend? Did you introduce yourself to people you didn’t know, especially if they were sitting alone in the church or standing by themselves waiting for the elevator? Someone who is new to you is probably new to the parish as well. Why not offer to give them an abbreviated tour on the campus, introduce them to those you have already come to know or simply tell them why you love the parish and feel chosen by God to be here.

Engagement, involvement and sheer enthusiasm is catching!

We should all watch out for our nonverbal communication, too. If you are sitting on the end of a pew, for example, don’t make others uncomfortable when someone is trying to get around you to get to a middle seat. This, too, can be handled with a smile.

There are opportunities to meet new people and have them feel connected if you feel connected. It has been said that “Hospitality is the hallmark of All Hallows”. Many would agree.

-taken from Six Ways I Can Make My Parish Better