How to Include All Hallows in your Will

Planned gifts say you took some time to decide where they should go before being made. Whether you give cash or other assets like real estate, the gift is a form of good stewardship that lives on.

To make a bequest to All Hallows, the following language may be helpful:

“I give and bequest to All Hallows Catholic Church in La Jolla, California, the sum of ________________________ (or description of the gift of property or specify a percentage of the estate)”.

Here are some suggestions for your bequest:

  • Fixed dollar bequest: you designate a specific amount to All Hallows. This option is often best in cases of smaller bequests.
  • Leaving a percentage: you may want to leave All Hallows a set percentage of your estate. This option is often best in cases of larger bequests.
  • Residual bequest: your estate will pay all debts and taxes and the remaining amount — the residual — will be transferred to All Hallows.
  • Bequest of Property: you may choose to leave All Hallows real property or tangible personal property, or other assets.

Please contact a financial advisor or professional estate planner to fully discuss your estate. Thank you for considering a gift to your church in your planned giving.