Project Mercy

Because of COVID-19 we have lost many funding and building opportunities. Our friends south of the border need our help more than ever and as soon as we are able, we want to start fulfilling our promises to them and recommence building solid houses to call home.  Thank you. Learn more here.

Who are we?

A San Diego non-profit agency, was founded to build basic but sturdy houses for the poorest families in the outlying neighborhoods, or “colonias” of Tijuana, Mexico. When sufficient funds are available, we provide materials and plans for sanitary latrines.

How are the recipients of the houses chosen?

The program is based on three criteria: Need, length of time in the program, and amount of “sweat equity” assistance given. We ask the residents work on at least four houses for their neighbors prior to receiving their own. This draws people together and promotes a sense of community. There are exceptions to the rule where single mothers or disabled persons are involved.