Parish Stewardship:  Putting My Parish First for Lent Because I am GRATEFUL

“…by this all will know that you are my disciples…” Jn13:35

Attend parish events.  Although Mass is our central focus, other parish ministries, activities and events help to increase spirituality and build community, as well.  This Lent, take advantage of the times set aside to meet new people, feel more connected, and affirm those parishioners who work hard to plan and execute our spiritual and social times together.

(Friday Stations and Suppers) 

Because it will be a guaranteed wonderful experience, invite family, invite co-workers, friends, and neighbors to join you-especially those who are not Catholic or may have stopped practicing the faith.  They may not be ready to attend Mass, but they might enjoy coming to a parish event, meeting other parishioners, and seeing some of the great things that the Catholic Church has to offer.

Check the bulletin and website-so we’ll see you there.