Stewardship and Summer Giving

Summer feels like it is in full gear after Memorial Day comes and goes. 

As good stewards, we need to be especially mindful of our commitment to giving to our parish.  The Chronicle of Philanthropy reports that November and December are the biggest months for giving in the United States.  But, what about the months of summer?  Not so much.

Christian stewards are mindful of the summer needs, as well as being aware of their own need to give all year.  We are grateful people-grateful for the gifts God continues to bless us with, again, twelve months of the year.

So, please do not forget the parish this summer.  Make sure, if you can, to electronically give during these months or, if you are truly able, to increase your gift to the offertory to make up for what will be less giving overall.

God bless your family and keep them safe throughout all your adventures and activities this summer.

Donation for June