Living Your Strengths


Here I am, Lord! The stewardship way of life means putting God first in your life. He is the one who has gifted you with all that you have and in gratitude you want and need to return to Him the first portion of your time, talent and treasure. We generally know what time we have to give back and what treasure we can share, but what about understanding our talents?

All Hallows’ uses a strengths-based approach to stewardship of talent. Many parishioners contribute a wide variety of skills and time commitments to make our parish the wonderful community it is.

  • Is this is your first parish registering as an adult?
  • Maybe you are retired and wonder “what’s next”?
  • Do you want the opportunity to become involved to model for your young family?

To know where you are most gifted to serve, you are invited to schedule a strengths-based survey that will help you identify your unique, God given gifts.

Yes, I would like a copy of the “Living Your Strengths” book and want to take the Strengths finder talent assessment! Please contact Cindy Bosh.