The Parable of the Talents

In today’s gospel, all we ever needed to know about
Stewardship of Talent is explained by Jesus.

The word talent comes from the Greek word talentos. A
very valuable coin, the talentos was the equivalent of
6,000 dinarii, the daily wage for an unskilled laborer. As
the English language developed, no better word could be
found to describe the God-given gift, ability, or aptitude
that is a talent. A talent therefore, is a natural, God-given
pattern of thought, feeling, or behavior that can be
productively applied.

At All Hallows’ we believe that every member of the
parish has a need to share his or her priceless talents in
community. This need is a cornerstone of Stewardship as
a way of life, runs deep within the heart and, when
fulfilled, leads a person to become fully engaged in parish
life and to ultimate joy.

We can all think of the parishioners whose talent has been
tapped into and given the opportunity to express that
talent, they are truly participating in the mission of the
parish. They are all around us.

These parishioners are engaged in a meaningful way and
that has deepened their commitment to serve here at the
parish. Talent is something that takes effort to recognize
and then only can we value it.

This is why we continue to be so excited to introduce the
best tool we know to identify talents for good stewardship
and good lifelong choices. We encourage everyone who
has not taken the online talent assessment of The Catholic
Edition of Living your Strengths to take the gospel
message seriously this weekend. When you know your
talents, and only then, can you put them to use, refine
them, and return them to the Lord with increase. Call the
parish for details.Ask for Cindy or email

All Hallows is not so much interested in “filling slots”,
recruiting, or asking you to jump in where the parish has
a particular need. We are looking to join with you to
have a deeper appreciation of the talents God gave you
and by doing what you do best, use them in ways you
never thought possible.