The Stewardship of Mary, Our Blessed Mother

During the month of May, we have occasions to reflect on and honor Mary who is not only the greatest saint of our Church, but the model of stewardship by her own life witness.

Today, for Catholics, Mary is honored as the “Mother of God”, which is the highest of her titles.  This title is the foundation for every other title attributed to her.  She became the mother of God from the instant Jesus was conceived in her womb by the power of the Holy Spirit.  This title was formally announced in the Church in the fifth century.

As a steward of her gifts, she responded to God’s call without hesitation.  This is something that she prays that all of us will do.  Mary rejoiced and was strengthened in her role in our salvation and did so without counting the cost to herself.  This is also something the Blessed Mother prays for us.  She raised her son with joy over their love for one another.  She encouraged his ministry, bore his losses, and wiped his tears, with the faith that all would be revealed in the fulfillment of God’s glory.  She prays for us to have the same faith and serves as the greatest example of faith for everyone.  

Mary was chosen by God, and accepting His call, bearing His son, she became holy herself in the unselfish love of their shared lineage and destiny.  Christianity, as we know it today, was born through their loving bond of faith.

Mary, we pray to you in this month of hope and love, as we review our year as a steward.

We prepare ourselves to do more and more to honor and give glory to our greatest gift — God’s own Son.

Mary, our perfect teacher, help us to learn to say yes, as you did, to God’s plan for us.