“You cannot volunteer at All Hallows”

That’s right, there are no “volunteers” at the parish.  In our Church, we are called and gifted by God to all the activities and all the service that make up parish life.  We are stewards of the gifts when we hear the call and say “yes”. This is where we begin the journey to stewardship as a way of life.

How many times can you recall saying yes to a “volunteer” activity and hating every minute of the time spent doing it?  It can happen when we are not consciously aware of the gifts we have and use them according to God’s plan.

When it comes to participating at the parish, God wants you to serve where he has called and gifted you.  So, if he gives the gift of encouragement, possibly the Hospital Visitation Ministry is a good place for you.  If you have the gift of music, why play an instrument or sing for yourself at home, use the gift given for others and get involved with the Parish Choir.

This April 29th is the celebration in the Church of St. Catherine of Siena.  Catherine was the illiterate twenty-third child of a merchant, who exercised great influence at the highest level of both the Church and secular society, although she had no hierarchical or social status.  People responded to the mission and charisms that had been given to her as an individual-which she freely shared.

Catholic parishes are looking at themselves in a new way.  At All Hallows, we have always appreciated the good stewards of the parish and all their involvement.  Ask yourself,” is this something I might be missing in my life?”