Easter Sunday Mass

Join us in person this morning or click above to watch the full Easter Sunday Mass at All Hallows Catholic Church with Father Jerry O’Donnell.

Whether you attend church every week or a few times a year, or perhaps only on this feast, the most important feast of the church year, you belong here with us, because you belong to Christ.

He died for your sins and mine, so that we can all share in the eternal life which He offers, and you are most welcome here. Are you from another Christian tradition? Welcome. Has it been a long while since you darkened the doorway of this or any church? Welcome.

Is your heart filled with doubts? Are you fearful or feeling alienated or hopeless? Do you have a past about which you feel embarrassed or ashamed? None of that matters.

You belong here because you belong to Christ, and Christ welcomes you as a part of His body. All people of good will are welcome here. That’s the gospel message and that is the good news of Jesus Christ.

Easter Sunday Mass in-Person
8:00, 10:00*, and 11:30 a.m. in the Church
*overflow Mass in the Hall for 10 a.m. only
Also, online all day at

If you would like to learn more about the Catholic faith, about becoming Catholic, or registering to become part of the All Hallows parish and school family, we would love to meet you in person, or visit with you over the phone at (858) 459-2975. We also offer the following resources:


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