End-of-Year Stewardship

Dear Parishioners,

As we approach the end of the year and many of us are making plans to make large donations from a variety of our resources, I am asking you to consider gifting the parish with as much as you are able. As a matter of review, let’s all remember that we are coming out of a very difficult year and a half with Covid-19 and all the financial setbacks it has presented.

I know that in and through this difficult time, the parish continued with an operating budget. Specifically, no one on staff lost their job and programs continued although differently. Given this, we are experiencing now, which the parish has historically at this time, a considerably larger deficit.

As in past years, and even more so this year, we have depended on you, our faithful, at Christmas time and through year end donations to help overcome our operating deficit, to date. Those of you who have an IRA or 401(k) retirement plan are most likely aware that after age 72 you must take a minimum required distribution each year. This is an ideal vehicle to donate directly from your plan to All Hallows Catholic Church that is exempt from Federal and State taxes. Please have this discussion with your tax or financial advisor and your plan administrator. These withdrawals do take time and this will need to be initiated for year-end giving now.

Another way to donate to the parish, tax exempt to you, is to donate appreciated stock. By transferring stock from your portfolio to us, All Hallows receives full market value and you receive a tax deduction for the full value. Your tax or financial advisor will, again, guide you in your avoidance of Federal and State capital gains tax.

Either method that works for you, it is very important that before you execute these transfers of assets that you contact Cindy Bosh, Staff at All Hallows, to assist you and assure that your gift is properly executed. The parish phone number is 858-459-2975 or

I pray that you will see this invitation to give as an opportunity not only for your personal stewardship, but as a way to help this parish we call home in our need. I know that God will bless all of you in your Christian charity and I thank you in advance for whatever you are able to do and I am most grateful for your response.

Sincerely in Christ,