Thank you to All Hallows Parish and School from Bayside

Thank you to All Hallows Parish and School for a very successful Bayside Christmas Program. We raised just over $45,000 in gifts and cash to support 40 children and their families in the Academic Club and 35 seniors. We are thrilled to announce a new program this year for the Academic Club Students. With $8,000 in cash donations we are providing a $200 US Savings Bond to each of the 40 students to be used for their future education needs. The Bayside Board of Directors voted yesterday to be the custodian for the Savings Bonds. We are blessed and thankful to have Bayside Communities as a partner in this ministry for over 35 years.

Below, please see one of the thank you notes from the children, as well as a few photos of the drop-off.

Tricia McColl

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