Father’s Day at All Hallows

Happy Father’s Day to all the men who have guided and sheltered others as a father does. On this special day for fathers, you’ll enjoy two lovely pieces of music performed by All Hallows’ own Matthew Ignacio and Joshua Read, with Barry Dubis on the keys, and direction by Jennifer Michael. Plus, we’re excited to highlight an on-camera performance montage by eight talented students from All Hallows Academy, praising God and all fathers with “You are my all in all.”

Father Jerry reads from the Holy Gospel according to Matthew: Jesus said to the twelve, “Fear no one,” and “Do not be afraid.” In his homily, Father shares a truly life-changing prayer of support that will impact you right now, and in times of fear:

“We lose our health, our wealth, our looks, our loved ones, and our minds,” he says, “And in the end we lose our lives.” But Jesus says over and over and over again in the gospels, “Do not be afraid.” Don’t let fear paralyze you, or make you despair, or throw up your hands and run away. Jesus is saying to us, Trust me… Trust how much I love you… Trust how much I really care about you… And if you decide that my love is enough for you, then you can take my hand and let me lead you through the pain, and through the sadness, and through the fear.

(Fair warning, friends, you may need some tissues while you watch this video​.​) ​You are encouraged to share ​this message of hope with others, including all the Fathers you know.

God bless you.