Friday of the 13th Week in Ordinary Time

“Many years ago, a young Maori girl in New Zealand was captivated by the teaching and good works of the Christian missionaries who came to her village,” tells Father Jerry in today’s homily. “She became a fixture at prayer with the fledgling community. One Sunday, as she was leaving the small church the girl was struck by a potato, thrown by a man who resented the presence of the missionaries in his village.”

Father adds that, “The girl retrieved the potato and brought it home. She cut the potato up, planted it, and harvested it.” It may be hard for some to believe what she did next… all in an effort to turn and ugly incident of violence into a moment of reconciliation. See the full story in today’s new video above.

Also, a friendly reminder that tomorrow’s video on July 3rd, will be the last in the series of nearly 475 daily videos produced by Father Jerry since the beginning of the pandemic… never missing a single day! With so much interest in spiritual video content, and with the support of our new Pastor, Father Joe Masar, All Hallows is excited to invite you to a no-cost summer video series taking place each Thursday in the Fireside Room beginning July 15th. Learn more here.