Friday of the 5th Week of Easter

“This I command you: Love one another,” said Jesus.

By rough calculation, since Jesus spoke these words 2,000 years ago, several billion Christians have heard them and tried to take them to heart. “The results have been very mixed,” says Father Jerry, “Love of neighbor and of friends may be easy. Loving those who hate us and people we dislike may not be so easy. However, both kinds of love are the central tenants of our Christian faith.”

In today’s video, Father shares a cute (and very true) story coming from the a retired Catholic elementary school principal, Sister Catherine. “Gus, a third grader, was sent to her office for once again fighting on the playground. Sister Catherine patiently listened to Gus’s side of the story, that ‘the other kid started the fight,’ of course.” Sister Catherine told Gus the Gospel message about loving — even those who don’t like us. “Jesus tells us,” she said to the young boy, “If someone hits you on the cheek, you are to turn your other cheek.”

You won’t believe how Gus replied to the principal! Click above to watch today’s brief video, celebrating Friday of the 5th Week of Easter.