Giving with Stocks, IRAs and Amazon Smile

If You Are Donating Stock to All Hallows for Tax Year 2022 The Diocesan Office for Stewardship has the responsibility for handling donations of stock. The longest lead time is usually in transferring the stock from its current broker to the Diocese’s designated selling broker. Deadline for Mutual Funds: December 1st Deadline for Stocks and ETFs: December 15th or call Thomasina Sanchez at Merrill Lynch, the Diocese’s Client Associate 760 930-3122 for more information.

2022 IRA Charitable Contribution Donors who are age of 72 or older can make a gift of up to $100,000 from their IRA (traditional or Roth) directly to All Hallows. A married couple who are both 72 and older, at time of the transfer, can each transfer $100,000 from their IRA’s for a total of $200,000. Your IRA administrator may take several weeks to process your request for a transfer. Distributions from your IRA must be made directly to All Hallows to be considered an IRA Charitable Rollover (a tax-exempt distribution from the IRA). The amount transferred can be used to meet your required minimum distribution. For more information, contact

Easy Giving All Year Long with Amazon Smile — This is the time of year when most everyone is concerned with gift giving and receiving. When we practice stewardship, however, we think about the gifts we give all year long. We also never count the cost because when giving what we treasure most, time, talent, or treasure, it comes from a willingness to give back to God. Stewardship calls each of us to become personally engaged in giving gifts the way we are during the weeks and months before Christmas. That kind of enthusiasm is needed for the Church to live out the call of Vatican II. We are constantly called to account for what has been given us and what we plan to give. Not the kind of accounting that we use when we budget for Christmas presents, but the decisions about our lives and lifestyles that call us to live out our faith. Click here to shop with Amazon Smile throughout the year.