Monday after the 5th Sunday of Easter

Click to watch. “We are a nation of weavers and rippers,” writes David Brooks in the New York Times, “The weavers try to spiritually hold each other, so that we can get through this together.” The rippers see everything through the prism of politics and division; it is a war that gives life meaning. But Brooks notes that, “The weavers are front and center these days.”

We are now more united than at any time since 9/11. Father Jerry says, “The pandemic has reminded us of our interdependence. The pandemic has been a massive humanizing force allowing us to see each other on a much deeper level, to see the fragility, the fear, and most especially the courage.”

To follow Jesus is to be a weaver. To sew threads of compassion and peace along the frayed ends of peoples’ lives. To stitch societies’ torn fabric with reconciliation and generosity that reveals the sacredness of God in our midst.