Saturday after the 4th Sunday of Easter

In today’s Gospel the evangelist portrays Jesus as trying to help his disciples to understand his relationship to the Father, and his explanation seems to leave them baffled. Jesus simply repeats that he is in the Father and the Father is in Him. What can this mean? “Unfortunately, no perfect explanation of the Trinity exists,” says Father Jerry in his new video below, “But with these images in mind let us not forget that this weekend we honor our mothers whose love for us is the very mirror of God’s love for us: total, complete, uncompromising, unconditional.”

On this weekend, when we honor all mothers, we ask your blessing upon them. May, we give to our children and those entrusted to our care, the many gifts we have received from them. May our children and grandchildren know your constant love for them, and our constant love for them.

Tomorrow is Mother’s Day, and as a parish we have always provided you with Mother’s Day cards enrolling your mother, either living or deceased, in Novena of Masses. Because we are staying at home and not having public liturgies, there are no Masses, but we have a Novena of Prayers for your mother. Click below to download and print your complimentary All Hallows Mother’s Day Card.

We are also asking that you email with the name of your mother, living or deceased, if you would like to include her in our Novena of Prayers. Once we receive your mother’s name, we will put it in our chest, which will be part of our Marian Shrine for the month of May.