Saturday of the 7th Week of Easter

Today is the next to the last day of the Easter season. This evening the great feast of Pentecost begins the 50th and final day of the Easter season of 2020.

It has been a memorable Lent and Easter to say the least. “The coronavirus pandemic has made this Easter time anything but a resounding ‘hallelujah,'” says Father Jerry in today’s video, “It has been one long Lenten fast from human contact, from work, from school, from the pleasures that enrich our lives.”

This Easter season has left a mark on us. We have a new appreciation for the blessing of family and friends in our lives. May we welcome that new awareness as God’s gift to us this Easter. And may the wisdom and understanding we have realized in the course of this one long Lenten fast, enable us to bring the transforming hope of Easter into every season.