Stewardship…A Way of Life 

To live as a steward, we must try to understand that God wants all of us to collaborate in His work of creation and the making holy of everything that exists. Our co-operation with God begins with a profound reverence for the gifts He has bestowed, continues in a joyful appreciation of nature and includes the acceptance of active participation in stewardship as a way of life. Knowing ourselves to be caretakers of God’s gifts, we need to be eager to use them and enhance them out of love for God and each other. 

We daily confront the split between faith and life and recognize that in ourselves and in our society we are often not in tune with God’s will. 

Like the disciples in the New Testament, we must become mature disciples, making firm decisions, carried out in action, and not counting the cost to ourselves. 

Stewardship is not expressed in a single action, nor even in a series of actions over a period of time, but always moving toward an entire way of life. As we look on the universe as God’s creation, we know that we can evaluate some personal form of self sacrifice, a way to show solidarity with others around us who have less, and to conserve and cherish the earth for generations to come. As disciples of this magnitude, we have the power to change how we understand the terms of our existence and how we live out our lives.