The 15th Sunday in Ordinary Time

Today, Father Jerry shares three fantastic stories that will surely get you thinking, and may even drum up a chuckle or two. Watch today’s video and find out what man named Hank blurted out during the associate pastor’s homily. Then listen as Jesus shares with the disciples the parable of the sower and teaches them about sowing the seeds of life in rich soil.

Father is teaching us today how we might be more receptive and open to God’s word. And to make his point, he offers a insightful list of what he’s NEVER heard in 48 years of hearing confessions!

“Do we go through life convinced that we already know everything,” asks Father Jerry, “Being open to God and to God’s message for us means that we’re really trying to listen to the Lord through the Scriptures, through the homily, and through the prayers of our Sunday Liturgy.”

Father ends his homily today with message that really hits home: A wealthy man died and dragged his heavy suitcase full of solid gold bars to the gates of heaven. Saint Peter opened the suitcase for inspection, looked the man straight in the eyes and said only five words. Hear them for yourself by watching today’s video. It’s priceless.

Or join us in person for Sunday Mass at 8:00 and 10:00 a.m. Come as you are, and please wear a face covering. God bless you.