The 23rd Sunday in Ordinary Time


“Conflict seems to be an inevitable and inescapable part of the human condition,” says Father Jerry in today’s homily. “So, what is our tradition? What do we do when people betray us, mistreat us, speak ill of us, abuse our trust, take what’s ours, or engage in blatantly self-destructive behavior?”

He asks, “For example, if a friend, or spouse, or child, or coworker is destroying his or her life by doing drugs or abusing alcohol, and you say nothing for fear of hurting that person’s feelings, or being labeled as an interfering busybody, might you not be guilty of killing them with your kindness?”

“Or if a close friend or coworker is in danger of throwing away a reasonably good marriage and family life because the grass looks greener on the other side of the fence and you remain silent, isn’t your silence consent, and aren’t you aiding and abetting immoral and destructive behavior?”