The Feast of Saint Peter Claver

Today the church celebrates The Feast of Saint Peter Claver. A saint from the 17th century, a Catalonian Jesuit, who served in the Colombian Missions in Cartagena for 38 years, he devoted his life to caring for African slaves, baptizing over 300,000. He called himself “the slave of the slaves forever.”

He is the patron saint of Colombia and of all missions to black peoples. Let us pray. O God, who made Saint Peter Claver a slave of slaves, enstrengthen him with wonderful charity and patience, as he came to their hope. Grant through his intercession and seeking the things of Jesus Christ, we may love our neighbor in deeds and in truth.

Through our Lord Jesus Christ, Your Son who lives and reigns with You in the unity of the Holy Spirit. One God forever and ever, Amen.