The Feast of the Immaculate Conception

Do you think Mary, just moments before the Annunciation, had a sense that she was specially blessed by God?

The Church teaches that Mary was free from sin from the very moment of her conception, and that she was “full of grace” and that she was perfectly sinless throughout her life.

Was this something she could have known about herself?

It leads us to think, how much do we understand about ourselves, and God’s plan and purpose for our lives on earth? Do I have a sense that God has been especially at work within me, blessing me with special gifts from my early years?

We have all been baptized, and many of us confirmed. God cleansed us of sin, poured the Holy Spirit into our innermost souls, Jesus called us by name to be his disciples. We receive Jesus time and time again in Holy Eucharist and someday will join him in going to the Father.

So, like Mary, we see the very special and unique works of God in us as we share a life with him.

This is something that, if we believe it, can change the way we live. Today.

(Content from the Little Burgundy Book – Diocese of Saginaw.)