Thursday of the 11th Week in Ordinary Time

There is a beautiful Hasidic story about a poor shepherd boy who came to pray at the synagogue. As he sat mesmerised by the words of the wise rabbi, and the melodies of the service, the boy longed to join in. But the boy was illiterate and didn’t know any of the traditional prayers.

In his pocket the boy kept a small flute that he would take with him when he was tending his flock. Whenever he played the flute any sheep who had wandered off would return. The young shepherd sat in silence during the long and awesome service as long as he could.

But at last his soul could no longer contain itself. He reached into his pocket and blew on the flute with all his heart. A commotion swept through the synagogue. The people who had been praying so intently were startled and appalled by the sudden outburst.

You won’t believe how the rabbi responded! See the story unfold in Father Jerry’s new video, then share it with your loved ones.