Wednesday after the 2nd Sunday of Easter

“The dark can be a very comfortable place,” says Father Jerry in today’s video, “Staying in the shadows, we can hide from situations we want to avoid. Preferring not to know. Disengaging. Turning away can relieve us from a great deal of responsibility.”

“And light can be dangerous,” he adds, “Light illuminates things we don’t want to see. Light reveals our ignorance, our hypocrisies, our betrayals. Such transparency can make our lives very difficult and complicated. But in the Resurrection of Christ, God makes clear that light will always overcome darkness, that justice and righteousness will have the last word over hatred, that truth is centered in the Holy.”

We who have been baptized in the life and death of Jesus, who seek to follow Him as his disciples, have committed ourselves to the light. No matter how much it demands of us, no matter how painful it’s revelations, no matter how unsettling the change to our perspective. This Easter may we leave the comfortable and safe darkness to walk in the light of the Risen One.