Mark Price as Joseph

Mark Price as Joseph


3:00 pm - 5:00 pm


All Hallows Catholic Church
6602 La Jolla Scenic Dr. So., La Jolla, CA, 92037
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Free to attend! Join us at 3 p.m.

SAINT JOSEPH  – In His Own Words

  • Saint Joseph, father to Jesus, husband to Mary.
  • Saint Joseph born in Bethlehem, raised in Nazareth.
  • Saint Joseph ‐ A carpenter, a builder, a provider, a teacher.
  • Saint Joseph, a just man, a man of God, a man of dreams; A man who said yes to God.

Meet one man’s vision of the person, the personality, the humor, the life of Saint Joseph: next to Mary the one who knew Jesus the best.

This is a Bible‐based theatrical presentation that many say is more thought‐provoking than any they have ever seen, Mark Price brings key figures of history to life. They will speak to you about their lives and experiences with Jesus.

Mark hopes that his Portrayals will encourage people to get to know those who were closest to Jesus, to dig deeper into the Scriptures and to grow in their faith.


  • Scene 1 ‐ Introduction
  • Scene 2 ‐ Growing up in Nazareth
  • Scene 3 ‐ Joseph meets Mary
  • Scene 4 ‐ Betrothal / Wedding
  • Scene 5 ‐ Journey to Bethlehem for the Census
  • Scene 6 ‐ Jesus Birth
  • Scene 7 ‐ Magi
  • Scene 8 ‐ Holy Family in Egypt
  • Scene 9 ‐ Holy Family returns to Nazareth
  • Scene 10 ‐ Joseph’s Work
  • Scene 11 ‐ Teaching Jesus
  • Scene 12 ‐ Jesus at 12 Lost in the Temple
  • Scene 13 ‐ Joseph’s Death
  • Scene 14 – Conclusion
  • Scene 15 ‐ Q&A—Questions from the audience