Feast of the Ascension


The bride stands at the back of the church clutching her father’s arm as the wedding march begins. The entire wedding party is assembled at the altar. And her handsome groom awaits for her at the end of the aisle.

But as she looks down the aisle she whispers to her father, “I don’t think I can do this. I am afraid. I’m not ready to leave you and mom.” And her father who knows his daughter’s true heart and deepest hopes, whispers back to his beloved child, “Yes, you can. You are ready. You just don’t know it.”

Father Jerry says in today’s homily, “Jesus left this earth and ascended to His father because Jesus knew that if He’d stayed with us in the flesh then we would have remained dependent upon Him. In other words, if something needed to be done, if someone was hungry and needed to be fed, if someone was ill and needed healing, if someone was mired in sin and needed forgiveness, we would have looked to Jesus to do it, instead of trying to do something about it ourselves.”

Today’s Feast of the Ascension is all about empowerment. The Holy Spirit empowers us to say the kinds of things that Jesus said. To speak words of hope and compassion and forgiveness and love. And to do the kinds of things that Jesus did.

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