Happy Memorial Day

“Today throughout the United States, we celebrate Memorial Day,” says Father Jerry in this morning’s new video, “The unofficial beginning of the summer, and the day on which we remember all those heroic men and women in our armed services, who gave their lives in the many wars that have been fought to safeguard the freedoms that you and I hold so dear.”

We are also grateful for All Hallows’ talented musicians and singers for today’s inspiring video performance of “America the Beautiful.” Today’s reading is from the Gospel of John 16:29-33.

Let us pray. Open our eyes and hearts, O God, to realize Your Spirit moving through the history of our lives and the lives of the saints who walk with us and among us. May that spirit inspire us to take on Your Son’s work of healing and generosity. and so realize here and now Your kingdom of peace.

From all of us at All Hallows Catholic Church, please enjoy a safe and happy Memorial Day. You may use the buttons below to share this video message.