The Feast of Saint Augustine of Hippo

What would you do with an $86,400 DAILY budget? Father Jerry shares some ideas in today’s homily. Click to watch.

Today the church celebrates The Feast of Saint Augustine of Hippo. Augustine, born in the year 430 in North Africa, after a dissolute young life, was baptized at the age of 33 by Saint Ambrose, and then elected the Bishop of Hippo, where he combatted three of the major heresies infecting the Church at the time.

He is best known for two of his writings: Confessions and The City of God. Plus, over 500 of his homilies are still extant! He is considered a co-founder of monastic life in the west, and his rule is practiced by 100 religious communities today. He is one of the four great doctors of the Latin Church, called the Doctor of Grace.