The Feasts of Saints Philip & James

A new pastor was named for a small parish. The priest was told that it was a dying church. It wasn’t growing. The small congregation could barely pay its bills. Its days were numbered. But in getting to know the congregation, the pastor saw something else. “I began to see the strengths of my church,” he said, “They genuinely liked each other.”

The parishioners had a deep history of supporting each other through difficult times. They took people who had stopped driving to doctor’s appointments, and no one grieved without a freezer full of casserole. A faithful bunch provided the meal at a local soup kitchen once a month. It wasn’t a dying church… It was a small church. It was an under-resourced church that struggled, but it was a church that was bearing fruit.

In today’s homily, Father Jerry adds that, “You can certainly apply this story to our church of All Hallows and the generous outreach that takes place each year.” Hear much more in today’s video above, as we celebrate The Feasts of Saints Philip and James.