Thursday of the 7th Week of Easter

“The love with which you loved me may be in them and I in them.” In this final part of the prayer of Jesus at the Last Supper, Jesus turns His attention to those who will be brought to faith by His disciples’ witness, which includes you and me. He prays for one central gift for them and that gift is UNITY.

“This means more than institutional solidarity,” says Father Jerry in today’s video. “It is a special form of unity that can be called a mysticism of love. Only if the loving union of the disciples is apparent, can the world believe and know that the Father has sent Jesus and that the Father’s love can be found in the disciples, and in you and me, as it can be found in Jesus, Himself.”

O God, Illuminate our vision and open our hearts so that we may become the means of recreating and uniting our world into the one human family You envisioned from the moment of creation.