Wednesday of the 7th Week of Easter

Consecrate them in the truth — Your word is truth. In today’s video, Father Jerry shares an unfortunate global situation that is not COVID-19. He said:

A research team to Antarctica earlier this year made a disturbing discovery. While walking along a remote beach teaming with newly hatched penguin chicks, they found a plastic milk jug. A little farther along they picked up a triangle of bright green rope.

Then a faded fishing buoy. Over the course of their six-week stay, the team collect collected some three metric tons of garbage along an article shores. The team also detected significant amounts of tiny shards of plastic in the surrounding waters. These microplastics are the enduring legacy of humanity’s 60-year love affair with the material that is cheap and ubiquitous and lasts forever.

As estimated 8 million metric tons of plastic debris end up in the world’s oceans every year. If the current rate continues, scientists estimate that within 20 years, there will be, by weight, more plastic than fish in the ocean. What these researchers found, and the data they confirmed, should be a wake-up call to all of us.

O God, let your spirit of truth transform our hearts and recreate our souls so that we may live our lives faithfully and responsibly. May your grace emboldened us to be changed by the word you have planted within us. May your wisdom illuminate for us the possibilities you give us to be ministers of that transforming life-giving word in our time and place.

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