Monday of the 13th Week in Ordinary Time


God gives us the opportunity to become the master of one’s own instrument, and then to put those skills to use, in service to others, to create beautiful music together. “Jesus establishes his church on the simple heartfelt faith of each player,” says Father Jerry in his new video for Monday, June 29th.

Today, we celebrate two great saints and their witness to the gospel. The fishermen and the tentmaker, who despite showing little promise at first, came to master the music of the Spirit, enabling them to create the symphony of the gospel of the risen One. “Christ calls each one of us to be the rock of his church, to bring his love and justice and mercy to whatever place we can… One small act of kindness at a time,” adds Father.

He entrusts to each one of us the keys to heaven, to unlock through the faith we live and the work of our lives, the presence of God in our world. ‘Faith’ is picking up our instrument, to play the music of His justice and mercy for others.

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